December Audiobook Review POW: The Zombie Days

Run time: 5hrs and 46 minutes, narrated by Jacob Bruce
In Peter Oliver Wonder‘s POW: The Zombie Days, we find ourselves following the author in a first-person account on a post-apocalyptic adventure the likes of which you won’t find in many other zompoc style books. Consider this a buddy movie type story. Two dudes out to keep their small part of the world safe from what remains of the dead after society has fallen and is starting the slow rebuild to something new. The author takes an interesting tongue-in-cheek approach to himself in the story.

What did I like about this story?
The story was filled with bro-humor, alot of it funny, some not so much, but it was the humorous and bizarre aspects that I enjoyed the most. I liked the fact that the story involves a society that has fallen and is rebuilding itself and for the most part, zombies are just a nuisance to be dealt with. There was some interesting character development and even some unexpected plot twists, such as a romance that you think is going one direction and then goes somewhere else.

What didn’t I like about this story?
The same thing I enjoyed I also grew tired of. The bro-humor was entertaining but constant. It got to be very juvenile at some points and tiresome as the story went on. If you’re a fan of constant sarcasm and two dudes bantering, you’ll enjoy this. I just grew tired of it. For me, it was good for comic relief, but not what I wanted to listen to the whole story.

The narration was well done. Jacob Bruce’s vocals were energetic and carried the tone of the story well.

Conclusion: (Aka: Would I listen to more by this author?)
While the story ended with a setup for a sequel going in a very different direction(hint not Zombies), I don’t think I would enjoy another go-round of this type of storytelling, for me, it would be a pass.

I’d give this book a 5 out of 10.

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Treat Yourself to Some Zombies!

All Zombie Books only $0.99 each!! 10/27 – 10/31

Behold Darkness By LC Champlin

“Two businessmen in San Francisco match wits with the mastermind of a multi-target
terrorist attack who unleashes a plague that turns people into mindless cannibals.”

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Forget the Alamo By R.J. Spears

“Grant is trapped in the Alamo, surrounded by 1,000 hungry zombies, a military strike is on its way,
and he just ate his last Snicker’s bar. And that’s just the upside of his day.”

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Mutation Z Series: Books 1-6 Boxed Set By Marilyn Peake

Ebola, one of the most feared of the hemorrhagic diseases, begins spreading across the borders of countries in West Africa, then mutates into the “Z” or Zombie Virus. Journalist Hunter Morgan uncovers a web of sinister intrigue connecting Chen-Zamora Pharmaceuticals, a treatment and research camp in West Africa, the U.S. government, CDC and World Health Organization.

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The Zee Brothers: Zombie School Lockdown By Grivante

“Two brothers trying to stop the zombie apocalypse, one job at a time!”

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Only the Dead Don’t Die By A.D. Popovich

“With hope as her last weapon of defense, Scarlett must learn how to survive
in a creeper-infested world without sacrificing her own humanity!”

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Infected By Jessica Gomez

“If the world ceased to exist in one moment in time, would you know what to do?
Read the Flash series and see how one cave family tests the hands of fate.”

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Odium: The Dead Saga By Claire C Riley

“At the end of the world, you either fight or die.”

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DEAD: Onset (Book One of the New DEAD series) By TW Brown

“A return to the world of the 12 book DEAD series. Evan Berry faces the stuff of nightmares
when his fiancee rises from the dead in a local hospital after being attacked in their home.”

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Dead & Alive: Survive By I.J. Smith

“England has fallen to a terrible viral attack. Six months after, a team goes in.”

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Red Dirt Zombies I: The Battle for Roswell, Georgia By Michael Peirce

“The Walking Dead TV show goes into the consequences of losing the zombie war.
My books go into the consequences of winning.”

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Undead On Arrival By Justin Robinson

“A single bite turns a man into a walking corpse. Five years after the end of the world, someone made sure Glen Novak was bitten and now he has one day to put things in order, protect his people, and, most importantly, exact revenge.”

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Alone By Mercedes Prunty

“Is it safer to be ‘Alone’ in this new infected world? The world has been torn apart as we know it, a war over fossil fuels ended in Bio-Chemical warfare and this is the world Stacie now lives in. As she looks for her sister, the one reason she is still alive, she encounters many horrors and monsters on her path but are the creatures the real danger or the humans that are still alive?”

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October Audiobook Review: Rise of the Dead

Run time: 7hrs and 57 minutes, narrated by John R. Crosthwaite
In Jeremy Dyson’s Rise of the Dead, we find ourselves at the start of the zombie apocalypse. The story is in first person and we follow the plight of Blake, a man who finds himself separated from his family by the rapidly deteriorating world around him. He bands together with other survivors in an attempt to keep one step ahead of the dead, but their escape is leading them away from his wife and daughter.

What did I like about this story?
I enjoyed the fast-paced fall of civilization, how it fell apart so quickly and our main character who had led a life of controlled decisions found himself thrust into a world of unpredictable chaos.

It was tough(in a good way) listening along as his attempts at survival took him further and further away from his family. I could feel his frustration and fear, knowing that he had to do what he was doing to survive, but knowing that it could mean he’d never see his wife and daughter again.

There are some other interesting characters, Quentin, Danielle and Stitch who band together with Blake and help him in his travels. They added some interesting twists, especially the temporary salvation that Quentin’s father brings the group. This part of the story also helps to reveal just how bad things are becoming.

What didn’t I like about this story?
This has nothing to do with anybody but me, but I had a real problem with the narration and it severely affected my enjoyment of the story. I’ll cover this more in Narration below.

Ok, so I’ll repeat, this has nothing to do with the story or even the narrator really, but I had a hard time listening to this book. The narrator did this thing with his voice where he would be reading normally and then would switch into a very husky demanding tone and that is the same voice I use to make my wife laugh. I call it my Batman voice. It’s a silly thing I do with her, but hearing it quite frequently in the story as I listened kept throwing me out of the story. I couldn’t stand it. It’s one thing when I do it being silly, its another thing when a good portion of the story sounded like it was being read in that voice.

Conclusion: (Aka: Would I listen to more by this author?)
Unfortunately, due to my struggle with the narrator’s use of “Batman” voice, I would not. This doesn’t mean that others won’t enjoy it just fine, in fact, they likely will, it’s just that it didn’t work for me.

I had a tough time deciding how to rate this. I’d give the story a 7-8, but as discussed, the narration was a real challenge for me and I’d give it a 4-5, so I’m going to average the two out and give it an overall 6 out of 10.

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All About The Zee Brothers Vol.2 Zombie School Lockdown!

The Zee Brothers Vol.2 Zombie School Lockdown Cover Reveal Post

You may have seen glimpses of this popping up on the internet, but we are glad to finally be able to do the full reveal!

Here it is!

Book 2 features the brothers and JJ dealing with an outbreak inside a charter school. They are trapped, with no weapons, toxic zombies, and scared children. It’s going to take a lot more than brute force to get them out of this one!

The Kindle edition is available now! Click here to get it!

Here’s the full paperback cover which will be released August 25th!

And for you audiobook fans, the audiobook is currently under production in the capable hands of narrator and opera tenor, Ian McEuen. Look for release information this fall!

And for those that haven’t yet gotten the new edition paperback of book 1, you can order it here!


April Audio Book Review: Origins of the Outbreak by Brian Parker

Run time 6 hrs and 55 mins

In Brian Parker’s Origins of the Outbreak, we are introduced to the moment the outbreak begins and how it spreads in a series of slice of life vignettes that tell a sprawling story, from one infection to thousands.

I’ll admit, I was a bit leery of the format, as I found the use of vignettes that were interjected into another story recently reviewed to be primarily disruptive and not a positive for the story. This time though, it mostly worked and the story had a unique and engaging feel that I enjoyed following along.

The story starts out in a small town which allows for most of the characters to be closely connected as the infection spreads. This keeps the narrative engaging and kept me tuned in, because even if the characters in a vignette died, they’d be back as zombies in another one soon enough.

We start with patient zero, a scientist at a university in a small town doing an experiment. We learn a little bit about him and what he is doing and then, bam, the outbreak begins!

What did I like about this story?
I liked how we got to watch the virus spread from first this person and then to that person and how those peoples stories interconnected, both pre and post-infection.

I liked the person to person spread so much, I was actually disappointed when the infection grew so large that we lost touch with some of the earlier characters, however, that’s just the way a pandemic goes. It gets out of control.

What didn’t I like about this story?
I could have used more of an overall background storyline for the characters that survive. The story keeps you interested throughout, but there could have been greater connection to the story overall with more main character development early in the story.

The narration was done by Veronica Fox who has a great voice for the job. The inflection with which she read kept each vignette both cohesive and unique.

Conclusion: (Aka: Would I listen to more by this author?)
The book ends with something of a twist that definitely leaves it open for more of this particular story and I’d be curious to see if Brian does continue the series where it goes from here. In general, it was well written with few issues and I could easily find myself enjoying some of his other works of fiction.

I give this 8 out of 10 stars.

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Who are The Zee Brothers?

Jonah & Judas are two brothers in the Zombie Extermination business. Just like any other exterminators, they get phone calls from prospective clients and go out and do inspections to determine what needs to be done.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the pests, this usually turns into a bloody mess in a hurry. Most often, where Jonah & Judas are concerned, it’s generally pretty funny as well.

While the brothers are serious about what they do, there is one night a year where they will not answer their phone. You see, Jonah & Judas get a lot of prank calls to their Zombie Exterminators phone #, but it’s the worst on Halloween night.

That’s the one night a year when people think it’s funniest to harass them. They don’t answer the phone and they don’t go out. All those costumes and people in zombie make-up are a recipe for disaster for guys ready to shoot anything that’s dead but still moving, so they just stay home and let the phone ring.

The messages range from people making fun of zombie extermination, people pretending they are being attacked, to people saying zombies aren’t real. The list goes on and on. The next morning they nurse their hangovers and listen to the Halloween madness.

That’s where you come in!

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The top 3 prank callers will all win signed copies of The Zee Brothers Books 1-3! And the contents of your call will likely be featured in book 3.

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Contest Rules:
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After you’ve left your message, make sure and pause a moment and then give your call back number, name and an email address so that we can get in touch with you if you win.

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Zombie Cupid Prize Winner Drawing + A Huge Deal on All Zombie Cupid Books

Zombie Cupid Grand Prize Winner Drawing!

Today we have the pleasure of drawing the grand prize and runner-up winners for Zombie Cupid! Check out the video below to find out who won and stay tuned until the end for a really big announcement from the participating authors! For anyone that can’t view the video, please see the very end of the post for a list of winners and their names.

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When a Zombie epidemic is actually a biological weapon,
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to expose the truth and find a cure.

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Frozen Stiff : A Zombie Novella
By John Grover

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By Chris Harris

It was intended to eradicate the common cold,
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Broken Dreams
By Rissa Blakeley

What if you discovered the man of your dreams was nothing but a liar,
full of secrets edging on betrayal?

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The Zee Brothers : Curse of The Zombie Omelet
By Grivante

Orgasms, Chocolate & Zombies?
Just an average day for Jonah, Judas & JJ,
The Zombie Exterminators!

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Zombie Attack : Rise of the Horde Book 1
By Devan Sagliani

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Aftershocks : A Collection of Survivors Tales
By Kristopher and Valerie Lioudis

Zombies quickly rule the land, but hope falls from the sky in the form of a mysterious flyer directing the uninfected to a sanctuary in New Jersey of all places. Aftershock follows several individuals as they try seperately and together to reach safety.

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Unleash The Undead
By Samie Sands

An anthology of undead horrors collected by Author Samie Sands.

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Sons of Sludge
By Josiah Upton

Being a teenager is hard – being undead is even harder.
Zaul Jarreux is a Hybrid Reanimate, starting his first day of school among the living.

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Speakeasy Dead
By Vicky Loebel

A Roaring Twenties Romantic Zombie Comedy:
Has speakeasy manager Clara Woodsen unleashed a zombie plague –
Or are her customers just really bad at dancing the Charleston?

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A Place Outside The Wild
By Daniel Humphreys

8 years after Z-Day, a small community of survivors has endured.
When the military returns searching for one survivor in particular,
everything they thought they knew about the outbreak is called into question.

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King of the Dead

By Kevin O. McLaughlin

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Them : Invasion
MD Massey

When a surprise nuclear attack forces Aidan from hiding,
he must rescue his aging parents while traversing a landscape populated by violent redneck looters,
rogue military factions, and an army of hungry undead.

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Only $0.99 until 2/15

By R. L. Blalock

An infection is spreading.
With every passing minute, more people are dying. More ferals are rising.
The city is devouring itself and Liv is caught right in the middle of it.

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It Took a Zombie Apocalypse
By Jessica E. Subject

In this tale of forbidden love,
Missy must work with RJ in order to survive the zombie outbreak that plagues their small town.
But zombies aren’t the only threat to her life, or her heart.

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Still Myself, Still Surviving (Gary’s Trilogy Book 1) 
By Marlin Grail

Honestly, in a world with zombies around almost every turn, the cause for these zombies hovering around and what feels like always above you, and to top it all off, the survivors that remain all seeming a monster in their own ways, would you be the same person you are now if suddenly life as you knew it had ended when this kind of world began?

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B is for Brains: ABCs for the Zombie Apocalypse
By Ellie Sutton

B is for Brains: ABCs for the Zombie Apocalypse
A perfect blend of cute and creepy,
B is for Brains leads kids of all ages through a zombie infested alphabet.

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Thank you to all of you awesome readers who have made this giveaway promotion such a huge success!

The Reanimated Writers want you to know, we appreciate your support!

For those that can’t see the video, here is the list of who won. Each winner has been emailed as well.

Runner-up Prize Packages
Natalie C.
Nicholas P.
Katt L.

And the Grand Prize went to
Nick W.