The Zee Brothers: Zombie School Lockdown (Zombie Exterminators Book 2 Update)

So, you may have heard that book 2 drops this Saturday, but might be wondering why you hadn’t heard about it sooner…well, there’s a bit of a story behind that…

Without diving too deep into the details, we set a release schedule for the book to coincide with our appearance at Crypticon Seattle this weekend. This was based on conversations with our artist back in February which allowed us to feel confident that we would be able to meet this date, and then… we didn’t hear from him for 6 weeks.

When he finally reemerged with apologies at the first part of April, we negotiated specific terms for the completion of the project. Based on the situation, we realized we wouldn’t be able to release the illustrated paperback in time, but we could still proceed with the release of the e-book. We canceled plans for the paperback and changed plans to focus our efforts on the ebook, we were just waiting on the cover.

We received the first 2 concept sketches which captured the imagery we were looking for and agreed on the second image below as it really captured the personalities of the characters and the fun of the story.

Work began on the detailed cover art and a few weeks ago we received the image below with promises of a swift completion.

We were excited and couldn’t wait to start broadcasting that book 2 was coming. Unfortunately, this is when communication with our artist again stopped and we couldn’t do anything but wait. As the deadline for the release date drew nearer we had to accept that we weren’t going to have a completed cover. We were forced to make a choice, try and throw something together, quickly hire someone else or wait.

Since this was the second time in very short order that this had happened, we made the unfortunate decision to fire our artist. The lack of communication being the ultimate reason. We could have dealt with delays if they had been communicated, but leaving us in the dark like that made us wait until it was too late to do anything.

As a result, we made some modifications to the last version of the cover in order to have something to put on the book when it went from preorder to on sale. This is that temporary cover.

Once making the decision to let go of our existing artist, our next decision was either to hire a new artist or completely rebrand the series with more traditional covers, like others in the publishing industry use, and do away with the internal artwork which, while very expensive, we loved having.

We are still undecided on this and would love to hear from any of The Zee Brother’s Fans what you might like to see. Either option will take a fair amount of time, but we are hoping to make a decision soon and start work down that path with a target of an October release for the paperback.

In the short term, we did find an artist who is able and willing to complete the cover from the above sketch that will give us something professional to put on the book. This cover should be revealed in the next couple of days if all goes well. Keep on the look out for it!

Thanks for your time in reading and being a fan of Grivante & The Zee Brothers. We wanted to share this information to answer questions we have been receiving on what is going on. In the end, a lesson was learned, never set a release date until you have the cover art completed.


P.S. Book 2, The Zee Brothers: Zombie School Lockdown is available for order here!