The Zee Brothers Prank Call Promo!

Want to have some fun and win some cool prizes?
We want you to prank call The Zee Brothers!

Who are The Zee Brothers?

Jonah & Judas are two brothers in the Zombie Extermination business. Just like any other exterminators, they get phone calls from prospective clients and go out and do inspections to determine what needs to be done.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the pests, this usually turns into a bloody mess in a hurry. Most often, where Jonah & Judas are concerned, it’s generally pretty funny as well.

While the brothers are serious about what they do, there is one night a year where they will not answer their phone. You see, Jonah & Judas get a lot of prank calls to their Zombie Exterminators phone #, but it’s the worst on Halloween night.

That’s the one night a year when people think it’s funniest to harass them. They don’t answer the phone and they don’t go out. All those costumes and people in zombie make-up are a recipe for disaster for guys ready to shoot anything that’s dead but still moving, so they just stay home and let the phone ring.

The messages range from people making fun of zombie extermination, people pretending they are being attacked, to people saying zombies aren’t real. The list goes on and on. The next morning they nurse their hangovers and listen to the Halloween madness.

That’s where you come in!

We want you to call and leave your craziest, zaniest message about zombies or zombie exterminators to Jonah & Judas. Pretend you’re a potential client or just be a funny prankster.

What’s in it for you?
Your call could be featured in The Zee Brothers Vol.3 both as text in the book and possibly even the audio from your call in the audiobook. We’ll also broadcast some of our favorites across our social media, bringing you untold fame… no fortune, but we promise as much fame as your humor creates.

The top 3 prank callers will all win signed copies of The Zee Brothers Books 1-3! And the contents of your call will likely be featured in book 3.

(Prizes will be sent out after the release of book 3 mid-2018)

Other prizes may include posters, prints, bookmarks, apparel and more.

How do you participate?
Call the Grivante Press offices at 208-352-2102 and at the beep, pretend you are leaving a message for Jonah & Judas. You are more likely to win if you make us laugh, good luck!

Contest Rules:
Must be 18 Years Old at the time of the phone call.

After you’ve left your message, make sure and pause a moment and then give your call back number, name and an email address so that we can get in touch with you if you win.

Winners will be chosen by 1/31/18.


Winners of the Let’s Caption Larry Contest!

We just finished up a contest with the fine folks over at Facebook’s All Things Zombie group where participants got to caption our favorite zombie in bondage, Larry.

The runners up (who win either an ebook or audiobook) are…

MaryAnn C

Next Runner up

Sheri F.

The final runner up,

Scott S.

And the grand prize winner

who gets a physical copy of the book

as well as her very own print of Larry is…

Tammy Sue H.

Want to check out the book for yourself?

Find it on

or Audible!

The latest Secret Zombie Santa Flash Prize Winners!

Here’s a list of all the latest flash prize winners, are you one of them? Find out below!

Haven’t entered yet? View the prize list and link to sign-up here!

The names listed below have won some or all of the following listed below.

Mini Comics, Bookmarks, Short Stories, Audiobooks, Stickers & More!

Nancy J.

David G.

Christina M.

Cynthia G.

John R.

Tim G.

Toni F.

Mike H.

Nancy A.

Kelly V.

Derek W.

Paula J.

Chekita H.

Eva W.

Zarah R.

Amy R.

Sherrie D.

Bonnie K.

Gloria S.

And the following have won the 6 volume e-book collection of Marilyn Peake’s Mutation Z Series!

Molly M. & Debbie S.

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