In Warren Fielding’s, Great Bitten : Outbreak we follow the author as the main character in a World War Z(the book, not the movie) type recollection of the outbreak of a zombie virus in the UK as the reporter turned survivor escapes London and makes his way to safety.

The safety doesn’t last long as Warren, his sister Carla and her boyfriend Rick come to grips with the new zombie reality as society collapses all around them. They leave Carla’s home and go in search of a safe haven. Eventually ending up with a batch of not so trustworthy individuals that they must take shelter with in order to survive.

What I liked about this story?

I haven’t read many zombie stories that take place in the UK, so it was interesting to hear something that depicted things from that side of the planet.

I enjoyed the characters interactions, for me, it reminded me a lot of the characters in Douglas Adam’s, Hitchhiker’s Guide Series, this could simply be regular old british humor, but it amused me to listen to their absurd observational banter about what was going on around them. That alone made most of the story pretty enjoyable for me.

I also like the references to mainstream zombie pop culture and the mix of fast and slow zombies, this added a fun level of fright, as you never knew what the survivors were going to run into whenever they saw some of the dead.

What I didn’t like about this story?

There was one area that I struggled with in the story and that was the human bad guys. There was a small conflict at their introduction and I’ll admit that since I was listening to the audiobook versus reading the book, I may have zoned out and missed something important. However, for me I just didn’t pick up on why there was such a heavy level of conflict between the characters. I get the overall premise of it, just for me there was something that was missing and the high level of angst between our survivors and the leader of the survivors they joined, just never quite felt right to me.


All in all, despite the part where I didn’t quite understand what was going on between the main good guys and bad guys, I did enjoy the story and found myself rooting for them. Especially at the end when everything goes from bad to worse and you find yourself really starting to hate some of the characters and worrying about the others.

There’s enough good stuff here to give it a listen and then wait patiently for the sequel!

I give this 7 out of 10 stars.

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