The Zee Brothers: Halloween Holocaust is out now!

What kind of craziness is afoot with The Zee Brother’s this time around?





And lots of Zombies!

Join Jonah & Judas (JJ & Xanadu too!) as they venture out on their one night off a year to investigate an outbreak in a bad part of town. Things go from bad to worse as a mysterious woman takes center stage leaving the brothers struggling to provide answers to JJ about what is going on.

All of this takes place just hours before Judas is scheduled to take his driver’s test yet again! It’s another fast and furious ride as the brothers suit up and shoot up the undead!

Grab your copy in ebook or paperback on Amazon today!(Audio coming in early 2019)

And if you happen to like autographed dead tree copies like we do, you can get them for yourself

or as gifts for others in our online webstore!

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