Zombie Cupid Prize Winner Drawing + A Huge Deal on All Zombie Cupid Books

Zombie Cupid Grand Prize Winner Drawing!

Today we have the pleasure of drawing the grand prize and runner-up winners for Zombie Cupid! Check out the video below to find out who won and stay tuned until the end for a really big announcement from the participating authors! For anyone that can’t view the video, please see the very end of the post for a list of winners and their names.

Did you watch the whole video?

If you are having trouble viewing the video, it can be viewed directly on youtube here ->https://youtu.be/E7jA0rKNWv0

Then now you know the big news, that the Reanimated Writers have decided to give you all some Zombie Cupid Love!

From now until 2/15 all books below have been marked down to just $0.99 each!
(Prices may vary slightly based on international conversions)

Did you see one during the giveaway you really hoped you’d win?

Now’s your chance, get it for a steal before time runs out!

All 17 Zombie Books only $0.99 each until 2/15

Only $0.99 until 2/15

Mutation Z : Omnibus
By Marilyn Peake

When a Zombie epidemic is actually a biological weapon,
it takes a determined journalist and a band of scientists
to expose the truth and find a cure.

Find it on Amazon
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

Frozen Stiff : A Zombie Novella
By John Grover

Find the book on Amazon!
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Only $1.24 until 2/15 

Zombie Castle
By Chris Harris

It was intended to eradicate the common cold,
instead it eradicated most of the human race.

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Only $0.99 until 2/15

Broken Dreams
By Rissa Blakeley

What if you discovered the man of your dreams was nothing but a liar,
full of secrets edging on betrayal?

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Only $0.99 until 2/15

The Zee Brothers : Curse of The Zombie Omelet
By Grivante

Orgasms, Chocolate & Zombies?
Just an average day for Jonah, Judas & JJ,
The Zombie Exterminators!

Get the book on Amazon!
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

Zombie Attack : Rise of the Horde Book 1
By Devan Sagliani

Find it on Amazon!
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

Aftershocks : A Collection of Survivors Tales
By Kristopher and Valerie Lioudis

Zombies quickly rule the land, but hope falls from the sky in the form of a mysterious flyer directing the uninfected to a sanctuary in New Jersey of all places. Aftershock follows several individuals as they try seperately and together to reach safety.

Find it on Amazon!
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

Unleash The Undead
By Samie Sands

An anthology of undead horrors collected by Author Samie Sands.

Find it on Amazon!
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

Sons of Sludge
By Josiah Upton

Being a teenager is hard – being undead is even harder.
Zaul Jarreux is a Hybrid Reanimate, starting his first day of school among the living.

Find it on Amazon!
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

Speakeasy Dead
By Vicky Loebel

A Roaring Twenties Romantic Zombie Comedy:
Has speakeasy manager Clara Woodsen unleashed a zombie plague –
Or are her customers just really bad at dancing the Charleston?

Find it on Amazon!
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

A Place Outside The Wild
By Daniel Humphreys

8 years after Z-Day, a small community of survivors has endured.
When the military returns searching for one survivor in particular,
everything they thought they knew about the outbreak is called into question.

Find it on Amazon!
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

King of the Dead

By Kevin O. McLaughlin

Find it on Amazon!
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

Them : Invasion
MD Massey

When a surprise nuclear attack forces Aidan from hiding,
he must rescue his aging parents while traversing a landscape populated by violent redneck looters,
rogue military factions, and an army of hungry undead.

Find it on Amazon!
And connect with MD on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Only $0.99 until 2/15

By R. L. Blalock

An infection is spreading.
With every passing minute, more people are dying. More ferals are rising.
The city is devouring itself and Liv is caught right in the middle of it.

Find it on Amazon!
And connect with R.L. on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Only $0.99 until 2/15

It Took a Zombie Apocalypse
By Jessica E. Subject

In this tale of forbidden love,
Missy must work with RJ in order to survive the zombie outbreak that plagues their small town.
But zombies aren’t the only threat to her life, or her heart.

Find it on Amazon!
And connect with Jessica on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Only $0.99 until 2/15

Still Myself, Still Surviving (Gary’s Trilogy Book 1) 
By Marlin Grail

Honestly, in a world with zombies around almost every turn, the cause for these zombies hovering around and what feels like always above you, and to top it all off, the survivors that remain all seeming a monster in their own ways, would you be the same person you are now if suddenly life as you knew it had ended when this kind of world began?

Find it on Amazon!
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Only $0.99 until 2/15

B is for Brains: ABCs for the Zombie Apocalypse
By Ellie Sutton

B is for Brains: ABCs for the Zombie Apocalypse
A perfect blend of cute and creepy,
B is for Brains leads kids of all ages through a zombie infested alphabet.

Find it on Amazon!
And connect with Ellie on FacebookTwitter!

Thank you to all of you awesome readers who have made this giveaway promotion such a huge success!

The Reanimated Writers want you to know, we appreciate your support!

For those that can’t see the video, here is the list of who won. Each winner has been emailed as well.

Runner-up Prize Packages
Natalie C.
Nicholas P.
Katt L.

And the Grand Prize went to
Nick W.

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  1. no video here–why don’t you have the courtesy to print the winner’s name?

    • Hi Paula! Lots of details go into putting this together. All winners have been emailed as well. We’ll try and update the post with winners names later, right now we are busy getting the prizes sent out. Thanks for participating and your patience while we work to get caught up.

  2. I couldn’t get the video to play. So who won? Thanks!

  3. I can’t get the video to work!

  4. Sorry. The video doesn’t seem to be working. There’s a message that says Video here, but no video.

    • Thank you for the message. We’ve updated the post, so no sure what is causing it to not display for you. It can be viewed directly here -https://youtu.be/E7jA0rKNWv0

  5. The video isn’t viewable…it just says “VIDEO HERE” but there’s no link 🙁

    • Thank you for the message. We’ve updated the post, so no sure what is causing it to not display for you. It can be viewed directly here -https://youtu.be/E7jA0rKNWv0

  6. That was such an awesome contest…can’t wait to read the free books…congratulations to the winners!!! God Bless Everyone!!!

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